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About Me

Playing the violin was something of an interest to me since I was a young kid. It started off in my elementary school, my class was introduced to the string instruments, we were given the chance to play with the instrument and ask questions. During that time, after playing around with the cello, viola, bass, and violin, I became a big fan of the violin and signed up that day. Before I knew it, I was given a violin, and was taking classes.

Giving up

After a year of playing and learning the violin the band was introduced. As a kid, at that time I got intrigued into the next best thing, I also wanted to be like everyone else since most of the kids were playing or signing up for the band. However, my parents didn’t want me to quit for just wanting to fit in and playing the drums so they told me to stay with the violin, so I did. This change was not helpful for me at that time, for I played the violin during the class and learned a lot about the violin when the teacher was around, but I never practice when I got home and was slowly losing interest within the violin. Years passed and when I change schools I honestly left my violin years behind me.

Picking up where I left off

After graduation of high school I got a job and worked for several years, while going to college. The degree I was pursuing was an Associates of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice. During my College experience an article came through the newspaper about a group of people coming together and playing their musical instruments (mainly strings instruments). It was about that time when I realized that I wanted to play the violin again. So on the weekends I practiced and played with them and before we knew it we were playing before schools. A year or two passed and I got my degree and I joined the military, within that time I totally forgot about my playing days, I am still currently within the military. I however started taking lessons again and am hoping to become a profession violinist.

Wanting to help

the main reason why I want to play the violin as of now is to become a profession violinist and to have a wonderful joy and peace given to those around me when hearing me play, I honestly am not to that point but slowly improving. I want to help those who are in the same predicament as me or close to it by giving helpful hints and instructions that will help improve one violinist playing.


The Goal of This Site

the goal of this site is to receive good and reliable information about the violin, from it history, to how to play it, to reading music, to buying your own violin etc. I hope this site becomes a blessing for all who sees and reads what is provided.

If you ever need a hand or have a question or want to leave a commit that will help not just you but others as well, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out, for who knows I might even learn something new from a question you may have.

All the best,

Nathan Waggoner

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  1. Hi Nathan, It’s really nice to read about how your interest in the violin has developed – I understand what you are saying about School. I too, learnt to play the piano at school; but it wasn’t deemed as “cool” as some of the other instruments at the time so my interest waned. As an adult, I have began to start learning again and find it really enjoyable. Good luck with your site.

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