Holding a Violin Properly – a step to becoming a pro.

As a beginner, having a violin would be a first step closer to becoming a full violinist. After tuning the violin, it is proper to know how to hold the violin in the best possible position. How you are holding the violin is one of the most important aspects of good playing. It will make all the difference in your sound, and how well one can play. There are several steps that you need in order to hold the violin properly.

Step 1- Getting a Shoulder Rest

In order to play or even hold a violin properly, one needs to get a shoulder rest. There are many kinds out there. Once you have picked your shoulder rest, you attach it to your violin. Since ever person is different, it would be best to adjust the rest so it fits for you. This will produce a better comfort hold as well with being able to play much easier without struggling with the violin.

Step 2- Best posture

It is best to begin by either sitting in a comfortable arm less char or standing up which ever feels more comfortable for you.

  • When Seated- use a chair with a firm base, and sit straight.
  • When Standing- stand straight and feet should be apart, and relax your knees. (It is recommended to start off standing when first holding the violin)

Step 3- Chin/Shoulder

Place the violin on your left shoulder, pointing outward to the side. Lower you left jaw and chin over the chin rest. The violin should be supported by both the shoulder and chin, so that your left hand is free to note/play the instrument.

Step 4- Your Left-hand

Move your left hand up towards the fingerboard, first find the thumb, marking first position. Allow the base of the first finger to rest on the other side of the violin’s neck. Keep palm open or away from fingerboard. Gently turn your wrist to allow fingers to form a relaxing roof over the fingerboard. Never squeeze violin neck.

Step 5- holding your bow

Moving your right arm toward the bow, position the tip of your thumb so it touches between the grip and the edge of the frog. Rest the side of you index finger lightly onto the stick. Your middle and ring finger goes slightly over the stick: stopping near the tip of your thumb or actually touching it. Then moving you last finger, make sure that it is still arched when it goes onto the end of the bow.

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  1. Jasmere

    I always thought that learning to play a violin would be really cool. I like how easily you explained it here. I feel like with the way you described it, anyone could pick it up with enough time and effort. What makes a violin a good one to get though?

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