Determine Violin Size – What fits for you

For anyone who is buying or planning on getting a violin, needs to know what size of violin they will need. To Determine violin size, you will need to know what sizes are out there, and the reason for the sizes.

Why Different Sizes of violins?

Violins are played by people of all ages. Small kids to even grown adults play violins, from a two-year-old child to an 80-year-old adult. Sizes vary, for people grow. Violins come in 8 different sizes. The size corresponds to the length of the body of the violin. The sizes are 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/10, 1/16, and 1/32. 4/4 being the biggest or full size violin and 1/32 being the smallest.

Measuring what Fits

To measure or determine violin size that fits for you, you will need to measure between your neck and the middle of you left-hand palm or wrist. Your hand is fully extended and raised perpendicular to your body, just like holding a violin. This helps with determining which violin best comforts you. Violin size determined by the neck/wrist approach would be the biggest size a person should get. The neck/wrist is the most used way to determine size, there is another way to determine size as well.

Using an actual violin, one can determine what size they are. Place the instrument under the chin, like you would play it, then fully extend you arm and wrap your hand around the scroll of the instrument. To determine the correct size of a violin, you should be able to curl your fingers around the end of the violin or scroll. If fingers don’t curl around the end, it’s the wrong size and a smaller one is needed.

Advancing Forward

Once you determine what size violin you are, it is time to move forward. It’s time to buy your violin, tune it to the correct sound, and start playing. Enjoy, play and move forward.







  1. Clark

    Interesting to know this. I thought different violin sizes will produce different sounds. I’ll be back for more violin knowledge!

  2. Eddie

    Wow! I did not know there was a science to playing the violin. I will definitely keep these tips in mind when I buy my next instrument. Thank you for that.

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